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 Amazon Kindle Best Seller

Alan Akina's Super Duper Simple Book on Money made it all the way to the number one best seller spot in several categories just hours after launch. Thanks to everyone who purchased the Kindle version from Amazon.

What Others are Saying

Alan Akina is the Real Deal

"Alan Akina is the real deal! Every principle he teaches you in this book is something that I’ve seen him put into practice in his own life. I’ve seen him go from humble beginnings to creating tremendous wealth and building an INC 500 company. Alan is sharing the financial secrets that nobody else is sharing because he has a passion for helping people like YOU. If you follow the principles he teaches in this book there are no limits to what you can achieve!"

Tom McCarthy, Author of “FIRE-UP Your Presentations”, “Peak Performance” and “Talking to Win”

Alan Akina has Hit it Right on the Head

"Finally! A no-nonsense, clear, powerful financial book I wish I had 20 years ago. Alan Akina has hit it right on the head with this understandable and powerfully strategic book that everyone should deploy in their life. This book can be the difference in living a fulfilling plentiful life or constantly struggling. Alan's powerful tactics can really move you ahead in a big way."

Brian Johnson, Author "The New Rules of Online Marketing" & CEO, Lifebook

This Book Informs and Empowers Anyone with Smart Financial Moves

"In a time when saving money and being savvy with your financial future is so important to everyday Americans; this book informs and empowers anyone with some smart financial moves to help accelerate your financial savings. Anyone looking to be a savvy and smart saver should read Alan’s new book."

Ken Thompson, President & CEO, Lealta Media

The Kind of Wisdom to be Passed Down from Generation to Generation

"Alan’s book unravels personal finance into simple, easy to grasp concepts that most importantly will allow you to easily take action towards personal financial bliss. Even I, an entrepreneur who went to business school, got ideas that I have woven into my own personal finances. This is the kind of wisdom that ought to be passed down from generation to generation."

Olin Lagon, Social Entrepreneur

A Great Read that Needs to be Shared with Everyone

"This book is simple, yet powerful! An outline that will bring financial peace of mind to those willing to try. A great read that needs to be shared with everyone!"

Richie Norton, Author of "Resumes Are Dead and What to Do About It"

Read this Book Over and Over Again

"Read this book over and over again, then give it to someone you care about. This book will inspire you to help our economy by taking care of your personal finances. Kudos to Alan Akina for sharing his Super Duper Money Principles with us!"

Mufi Hannemann, President and CEO Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association and former Mayor City and County of Honolulu

This Book is a MUST Read

"Refreshing! Alan’s book will help get YOU back on track with the financial basics. If you want to avoid costly financial traps and get motivated to make positive changes in your financial life, this book is a MUST read."

Shelby Dredge, Founder & CEO, embellish IT

An Inspiring Book about Financial Peace of Mind

"Financial books are often intimidating and difficult to read. This one is not. Alan has a talent for sharing the essentials and will empower you to live a better financial life. He doesn’t waste your time. An inspiring book about financial peace of mind."

Liann Ebesugawa, Business Attorney

Finally! A Book on Money, Wealth and Success my Kids can Understand.

"It drives me crazy that our education system does virtually nothing to educate our kids about money management. Alan's book needs to be in every high school so we can raise our kids to be financially wise consumers who understand the key principles of building wealth. His no-nonsense information is simple to understand yet full of amazingly powerful tips and strategies that we can all benefit from."

Teddy Garcia, Internet Marketing Strategist and Author of "How to build a SalesVortex to Suck In Prospects and Create Raving Champions for Your Business"

Alan's Book on Money echoes the spirit of Dr. Franklin’s mantra - A penny Saved is a Penny Earned

"Not since Benjamin Franklin invented “The American Dream” with his teachings in the eighteenth century on the value of thrift, has anyone presented such logical and basic wisdom regarding responsible money management. Alan Akina’s Super Duper Simple Book on Money echoes the spirit of Dr. Franklin’s mantra, “A penny Saved is a Penny Earned,” which paves the road to financial freedom."

H. Dale Keeton, Ph.D., family psychologist and partner/owner of B-Thrifty Thrift Stores